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on〓 building the S●AIL cable system," E●mane told ●Global Times.He● added, "When it i■s completed, it wil●l provide new in〓ternational conn●ectivity to f○acilitate band-wi

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○dth demand ◆between Africa a●nd support the b■ooming economie◆s in the two contin◆ents."In its current〓 state, Ca○meroon's cabl●es can not suppo○rt all the teleco◆m connections● in the co〓untry. SAIL can■ build cap●acity to


●ng marketsBeiji■ng has embarked on◆ South-South Coopera○tion to boost t◆rade, investme◆nts and infrastr■ucture bui
lding in ■Africa and ●South Ameri●ca.Chinese c●ompanies are explo〓ring new r〓egions to open up● manuf


oon.Training Camer○oon's futureCon■structing ●infrastruct

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u○re that include○s telecom ●networks along with 〓roads and rai〓lways in Afr■ica can help peopl○e on the conti○nent rise abo◆ve poverty. But ●Africans a○

Cen◆tral Af

lso need better ◆education and job■ skills to succ◆eed in our globali●zed economy.Huawei● Technologie■s has invited young○ Cameroonians to● participate i○n a training proje●ct, known a

s "Seeds○ of the Future," acc■ording to Busi◆ness in Camer●oon Website●.After a careful● selection○ process, ○10 young Camerooni■ans will receive i●nformation an〓d

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